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Success unleashed - know your true potential and achieve success in every endeavor. A technique based on modern science to know your true self- to know your pure being.

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SAT TECHNOLOGY is based on Omnipotent, Omnipresent Equation of Natural Forces in the Unified Field. It will be the Herald for the new age. It will provide a beautiful landmark for the New Age to come. A new humanity will be borne, fuller in conception and richer in experience and accomplishment in all the fields of life. Truth, love and virtue will dominate individual, social and global life. A permanent peace and stability will descend on our planet with the awareness of the Fourth layer of Consciousness through SAT TECHNOLOGY.

Success and what’s in there for you?

SAT TECHNOLOGY is a unique program to establish yourself within. It connects you to the fourth layer of consciousness – In scientific terms it is The Unified Field. Once you are aware of that field the fulfilment of life is spontaneous and effortless.


SAT TECHNOLOGY is not “one size fits all.” It is taught one to one and is carefully personalized for you.

  • SAT TECHNOLOGY is completely based on the modern science of Unified Field that is the Fourth Layer of Consciousness. It is a technique to understand the science of cosmic intelligence.

  • SAT TECHNOLOGY is effortless, anyone can access. It is effective for everyone and comes with guaranteed satisfaction.

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Face -Off: Divine Intervention

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Glimpse of Reality

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Midnight Dialogue: A far away door

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Mumbai Police felicitating Sri Arjun for his work for the police department

Sri Arjun having conversation with the Director of Mumbai Criticare Medical Research Institute, Dr. Deepak Namjoshi about the future of Global Medical.

SAT TECHNOLOGY seminar done in ICICI bank.

Sri Arjun is in conversation with official DEAN of G.S. Medical College and Research Center, Mumbai, Dr. Padmaja Samant about the future of CONSCIOUSNESS AND MEDICAL.

Sri Arjun with Dr. Deepak Namjoshi Director of Criticare Medical Research Center,Mumbai

Sri Arjun is in conversation with the Group of IIT BOMBAY, PHD students.

Sri Arjun is in conversation with Vice Principal, Mr Mahesh Bhagwat of Mithibai College of Arts, Mumbai on SAT TECHNOLOGY and its implications in education.

Sri Arjun is in conversation with a Delhi University student .

Seminar conducted for Mumbai Police Force on 29th September, 2021

Our Partners

A Powerful program that has brought a paradigm shift in many lives

Prakash Kukadia

“SAT TECHNOLOGY has brought tremendous changes in my life. Regular practice of SAT Technology has developed clarity of mind and to apply full potential within me to tackle every situation in life.”

Vijay Sharma

“I cured my chronic ailments with the help of SAT TECHNOLOGY. This is the first experience in my life that technology can elevate the mind ,consciousness of a human being.”

Ila Zaveri

"I am Guruji Sri Arjun's dicsiple since 2009 and his teaching as a spiritual master is beyond words. His whole life is nothing but an extract of Vedic Wisdom with modern scientific approach. SAT Technology is an epitome of his life long research and a path for everyone for fulfilment of life in true sense and an expression to one's absolute being."

Rachana Sharma

“After joining SAT TECHNOLOGY, my life is totally changed. For the first time I feel the power and deeper nourishment of devotion. I learnt to balance two shores of life- family life and spiritual life. SAT TECHNOLOGY helps me to achieve steadfastness and gives me a beautiful direction of life.”