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 SAT TECHNOLOGY is a unique technology which if applied in life can bring –

Over All Benefits In Health

Clarity of mind, establishment of deeper inner calm which is highly effective for removing stress ,anxiety, depression and brain related problems. Healthier heart can draw healthier environments which SAT TECHNOLOGY focuses on. Any kind of drug addiction, disorder like ADHD, PTSD can be overcome with the help of SAT TECHNOLOGY.


Every human endeavor and human civilization is dependent on relationships. Without strong relationship human beings would fall apart. In today’s modern civilization relationship is facing tremendous problems. SAT TECHNOLOGY with its connecting principle establishes better understanding to strengthen any relations with deeper insight and long-standing bond.

Business And Economics

The current economic situation is very disheartening and shattering the backbone of small/medium/large business establishments. Business and corporate world, even economists are walking on the much-trodden path. SAT TECHNOLOGY with its connecting principle shows the field of infinite possibilities where tremendous revolutionary ideas and referrals are available in very potent and unmanifested forms.


Today’s education world and education policy are very distorted. Students are suffering from depression, anxiety, stress and agony. Today’s education is just informative and kills the very basis of true education. Without the involvement of the consciousness, full potential of mind and brain cannot be achieved. SAT TECHNOLOGY with its connecting principle helps students to connect to the fourth layer of consciousness where students can find the fulfillment in their education.

Fulfillment Of Life 

The very basis and pulse of human life needs fulfillment. This fulfillment of human life lies in the attainment of the Bliss Consciousness. This Bliss Consciousness of life and the relative joys of the varieties of creation should be lived hand to hand. In SAT Technology course, the mind arrives at the field of absolute being of unmanifested nature. After learning SAT TECHNOLOGY, the mind easily transcends all limitations of the experience of thoughts and this state of mind can bring fulfillment.

PART I – Transcending the limitations of thoughts. Human thoughts and conditioned minds are hindering the infinite possibilities of life. Here you break free all kinds of limitations of mind and experience the field of infinite possibilities.

PART II- Accessing the domain of Unified Field – The fourth layer of Consciousness. Here the learner can easily and effortlessly introduce his mind to the domain of Unified Field, the field of infinite possibilities with the help of SAT technique.

PART III - Once you achieve the advanced stage of SAT TECHNOLOGY, you experience not only 4th layer of Consciousness but also gain the habit of spontaneously projecting your thoughts and actions from the simplest form of awareness- the pure, the total potential of nature’s intelligence. Now you are aware of Unified Field. SAT technique in this part develops this ability so that you watch yourself grow in every strata of life.


In the entrance course you have learnt about Chitta- the most powerful dimension of mind. Here I am going to explain very simply about the Prana and its association with Chitta- The finest dimension of mind. Prana is the energy permeating the universe at all levels. It is physical, mental, intellectual, sexual, spiritual and cosmic energy. All vibrating energies are Prana. All physical energies such as heat, light, gravity, magnetism is also Prana. It is the hidden or potential energy in all beings, released to the fullest extent in times of danger. It is the prime mover of all activities. It is energy which creates, protects and destroys. Vigor, power, vitality, life and spirit are all forms of Prana.

According to Upanishads Prana is the principle of life and Consciousness. It is equated with the real self. Prana is the hub of the wheel of life. Everything is established in it. It permits the life giving sun, the clouds, the earth and all forms of matter. It is SAT and ASAT. It is the source of all knowledge. Prana moves in the thoracic region and controls breathing. It absorbs vital atmospheric energy. It integrates the whole of the human body.

Chitta and Prana are in constant association. Where there is Chitta, there Prana is focused, and where Prana is there Chitta is focused. Chitta is like a vehicle propelled by two powerful forces, Prana and Vasana (desire). It moves in the direction of the more powerful force. As a ball rebounces when struck to the ground, so is the learner tossed according to the movement of Prana and Chitta. If Prana prevails then the desires are controlled, the senses are held in check and mind is still. In that state of mind you get access to the basis of creation within you. It connects to with higher level of Consciousness, that is TURYA or The Fourth layer of Consciousness.

When people touch this dimension of the mind that is Chitta, it is called ISHWARA PRANIDHAN. In our eastern scriptures it is very mischievously said God becomes your slave. Once you know how to consciously connect this dimension of mind, that is Chitta, everything you desire or need will come to your life in the best possible way. Any thing you design in Chitta that will happen in your life spontaneously, easily and without any effort.


With the help of an example, you can understand the subject very easily. Just think of a pond, when you take a dive into the pond you travel from the surface layer and pass-through different layers of the water and finally reach to the deepest layer, that is at the bottom and again you come up to the surface layer of the pond. If you take the dive for second and third time you repeatedly experience the different layers of the pond and its ultimate layer. How much you are acquainted with the different layers; it depends on your intense practice and experience. After that you can know that different layers and their mechanics. 

Now when you come to the surface of the pond you are not bewildered by the duality of the surface layer. When you just swim on the surface layer of the water you know what is happening at the deeper layer. Everything at the deeper realm has been ingrained with your whole existence. Now at any time you can dive and go to any layer; it becomes the automatic process then. You don’t need to initiate any effort. In this phase you know the pond with its  entirety, there is no division, now you know it and it knows you. The water of the pond is registering all your impressions and you are registering all its dynamics within yourselves. In this intense intimacy there is a great dance and out of this dance creation happens.

When you learn SAT TECHNOLOGY with your devotion, discipline and surrendering then that technology itself becomes very lively to you. With intense practice your mind becomes steady. The more you practice the more the mind becomes subtler, more the mind subtler more you get the information and referrals from the deeper realm of CONSCIOUSNESS. Now you are not worried at any consequences and out come of this dualistic pattern of life. You are ever joyful and happy. Now synchronicities start happening in your life; you come across new people and opportunities. This is the beginning of a new paradigm where old pattern has been shattered and dawn of New Light starts. Just you have to open your door and let the light come in.


Einstien -Podolsky- Rosen (EPR) correlations between human brains are studied to verify if the brain as a macroscopic quantum component. Pairs of subjects were allowed to interact (meditative process) and were then separated inside semi silent Farade Chambers; 14.5mtr. apart when their EEG activity was registered. Only one subject of each pair was stimulated by laser flashes. When the stimulated subject showed distinct evoked potentials( brain spikes), the non-stimulated subject showed transferred potentials similar to those evoked in the stimulated subject. Controlled subjects showed no such transferred potentials. The transferred potentials demonstrate non-local EPR correlation between brains, supporting the brain’s quantum nature at the macro level.  


Have you ever imagined how a one celled embryo differentiate into many? In the genetic science, this process is called morphogenesis. The blue print of biological form making are called morphogenetic field. Morpho means form and geneses means creation. These fields are used to help programing biological form. How does a heart cell function so differently from the liver cells, although they both are made to one celled embryo? The science is that the heart cell differentiates from the brain cell by program that enable different sets of genes to make differentiates of two organs. Genetic science says, consciousness plays the pivotal role in the mechanics of morphogenetic field. This consciousness provides the tools for choice from the quantum possibilities in cell differentiation program . Now obviously a question comes in our mind where do this field resides? 

This question is unavoidable. This question is the basis of genetic science. How does the cell know, where it is in the body? How the cell knows when it is extracted from bone marrow and it is introduced in the brain to program itself as a neuron. This cannot be understood in terms of local transfer of information alone. From this it is very clear morphogenetic fields have to be transcendental somehow.  Morphogenetic blue prints are the substances of infinite possibilities of transcendental CONSCIOUSNESS. They are non-physical and transcendental.

Kidney, Heart, Lungs, Liver, they are all associated with their respected morphogenetic fields. Transcendental CONSCIOUSNESS radiates the interaction of the blue prints of the morpho genetic fields with the organs. Healthy organs not only mean that they are physically healthy but also their respected morphogenetic fields are healthy. The foundation of health and wellness comes from the correlation of transcendental CONSCIOUSNESS and morphogenetic field.


The discovery of modern physics has brought about a significant change in our scientific picture of the world; in that they have shattered the absolute validity of natural laws and made it relative. Natural Laws are statistical truths, which means that they are completely valid only when we are dealing with macro physical quantities. In the realm of very small quantities prediction become uncertain, if not impossible because very small quantities no longer behave in accordance with the known natural laws.

The principle that underlies our conception of natural laws is causality. If the connection between cause and effect turns out to be only statistically valid and only relatively true, then the causal principle is only of relative use for explaining natural processes and therefore presupposes the existence of one 

or more other factors which would be necessary for an explanation.  This is as much as to say that the connection of events may in certain circumstances the other than causal, and requires another principle of explanation.

We shall naturally look round in vain in the macro physics world for acausal events. For the simple reason that we cannot imagine events that are connected non causally and are capable of non-causal explanations. But that doesn’t mean such events do not exist. Their existence or at least their possibilities follow logically from the premise of statistical truth.

The experimental method of inquiry aims at establishing regular events which can be repeated. Consequently, unique or rare events are rolled out of account. Moreover, the experiment imposes limiting conditions on nature, for its aim is to force her to give answers to questions devised by men. Every answer on nature is therefore more or less influenced by the kind of questions asked and the result is always a hybrid product. The so-called scientific view of the world based on this can hardly be anything a psychologically biased a partial view which misses out all those by no means unimportant aspects that cannot be grasped statistically. But to grasp this unique and rare events at all are seem to be dependent are equally unique and individual description. This would result in a chaotic collection of curiosity rather like old natural history cabinets where one finds, cheek by jowl with fossils and anatomical monsters in bottles, the horn of a unicorn, a mandragora, manikin and dried mermaid.

Now there is in our experience an immeasurably wide field whose extend form, as it were the counterbalance to the domain of causality. This is the world of chance, where a chance event seems causally unconnected with the coinciding facts. So, we shall have to examine nature and the whole idea of chance a little more closely. Chance we say must obviously be susceptible to some causal explanation and is only called chance or coincidence because its causality has not yet been discovered. Since we have an inveterate conviction of the absolute validity of causal law. We regard this explanation of chance as being quite adequate. But if the causal principle is only relatively valid, then it follows that even though in the vast majority of cases an apparently chance series can be causally explained. There must still remain a number of cases which do not show any casual connection. We are therefore faced with the task of shifting events and separating the acausal one from those that can be causally explained. It tends to reason that the number of causally explicable events will far exceed those suspected of  acausality for which reason a superficial or prejudiced observer easily overlook the relatively rare acausal phenomena. As soon as we come to deal with the problem of chance the need for a statistical evolution of the events in question foresees itself upon us.

It is not possible to shift the empirical material without a criterion of distinction how are we to recognize acausal combination of events, since it is obviously impossible to examine all chance happenings for their causality. The answer to this is that acausal events may be expected most readily where, on closure reflection, a causal connection appears to be inconceivable. As an example, I would sight the duplication of cases which is a phenomenon well-known to every doctor. Occasionally there is a trebling or even more. Kammerer can speak of the law of series of which he gives a number of excellent examples. In the majority of cases there is not even the remotest probability of a causal connection between the coinciding events. When for instance I am faced with the fact that my tram ticket bears the same number as the theater ticket which I buy immediately after words and I received the same evening a telephone call during which the same number is mentioned again as a telephone number; then a causal connection between them seems to me improbable in the extreme. Although it is obvious that each event must have its own causality. I know on the other hand that chance happenings have a tendency to fall into aperiodic groupings. Necessarily so because otherwise there would be only a periodic or regular arrangements of events which would by definition exclude chance.

Chance groupings or series seem at least to our present way of thinking, to be meaningless and to fall as a general rule within the limits of probability. There are however incidents whose chance fullness seems open to doubt. To mention one example out of many, I noted the following on April 1, 1949.  Today is Friday. We have fish for lunch. Somebody happens to mention that custom of making an April fish of someone. The same morning, I made a note of an inscription which read, “Est homototus medius piscis ab imo”. In the afternoon a former patient of mine, whom I have not seen in months, showed me some extremely impressive pictures of fish which she had painted in the meantime. In the evening I was shown a piece of embroidery with fish like sea monsters in it. On the morning of April 2, another patient whom I had not seen for many years told me a dream in which she stood on the shore of a lake and saw a large fish that swam straight towards her and landed at her feet. I was at this time engaged on a study of the fish symbol in history. Only one of the persons mentioned here knew anything about it.

The writer Wilhelm Von Scholz has collected a number of stories showing the strange ways in which lost or stolen objects came back to their owners. Among other things, he tells the story of the mother who took a photograph of her small son in the Black Forest. She left the film to develop in Strasbourg. But owing to the outbreak of war she was unable to fetch it and gave it up for lost. In 1916 she bought a film in Frankfort in order to take a photograph of her daughter, who had been born in the meantime. When the film was developed it was found to be doubly exposed: the picture underneath was the photograph she had taken of her son in 1914! The old film had not been developed and somehow got into circulation again among the new films. The author comes to the understandable conclusion that everything points to the  “mutual attraction of related objects,” or “an elective affinity”. He suspects that these happenings are arranged as if they were the dream of a greater and more comprehensive CONSCIOUSNESS which is unknowable.

The modern discovery of discontinuity of physics has put an end to the sovereign rule of causality. Synchronicity is no more baffling or mysterious than the discontinuities of physics. It is only the ingrained belief in the sovereign power of causality that creates intellectual difficulties and makes it appear unthinkable that causeless events exist or could ever occur. But if they , then must regard them as creative acts as the continuous creation of a pattern that exists from all eternity. Which repeats itself sporadically and is not derivable from any known antecedents. We must of course guard against thinking of every event whose cause is unknown as “causeless”.       

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