Presents SAT TECHNOLOGY – A Connecting Principle

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SAT TECHNOLOGY brings the science of the modern era- The UNIFIED FIELD – The source of all-natural forces. Once this field is connected, one experiences his true self, pure and without attribute which underlies all experiences - THE STATE OF PURE BEING OF ONENESS WITH THE WHOLE CREATION.

"With the technique of SAT TECHNOLOGY one can experience Unified Field – The field of Infinite possibilities. This absolute dimension of life is not limitable or definable but on the contrary it is absolute authority to determine the rules and regulation of cosmic arrangements. It is the reality present everywhere."

"SAT TECHNOLOGY is a connecting principle. It is a technology to bring a stress free, peaceful society. SAT TECHNOLOGY is not religion, philosophy or lifestyle. Its core value is to upgrade the level of consciousness of the people of this planet to unite and bring a change so that we can make a coherent society and nation."

Sri Arjun

Sri Arjun Majumdar

Sri Arjun Majumdar was initiated in yogic sadhana at the very early age of 9. He often referred to himself as Sri Arjun. He is an Indian Yogi, mystic and author of several books. He is the founder of Divine Consciousness Foundation - a non-profit organization which offers SAT TECHNOLOGY and classical yoga. He is involved in rural development especially engaging the fourth layer of consciousness in education, economic reforms and business initiatives.


Books written by Sri Arjun